Ongoing Remodel Saga

Hello from my kitchen-studio waist high in remodeling.  Literally waist high with the bottom cabinet boxes and counter-top on the “L” side installed.  This collage will show you the activity during spring break after the family fun was over and the work began again.

BTW:  I had one of the best times of my entire life with my grandson, Taylor.  Thanks go out to his parents, Paige and Dwinn, and my dear hubby John for making it happen.  My heart is still warm.

One Countertop Finished!

One Counter-top Finished!
Thanks Again to my son Dwinn for helping to make this happen.

I have been drawing and a little painting but mostly learning how to repair old drywall, sanding, priming, and painting wood.  I can say it has been a learning experience.


About suzanhugheskennedyart

I am a prophetic artist discovering more of God's Grace through the creation of my art. Encouraging and coaching others in developing their own creativity inspires me. Join me in this journey!
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