Cups N Pitchers: Day 4


Jan 2016 – 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.

Monday: Day 4

The day started off well with an art class in the morning and painting in the afternoon.  Today’s subject matter is a blue pitcher from the NilOak pottery.  You may not know that I was a potter/sculptor before I became a full-time painter.  I am really working on my tendency to paint something larger than my canvas.  Can any of you relate to that?

I have a true love for clay and I miss working with it.  I love what potters and sculptors do with fire and clay.  If I could have a gallery, it would have a large section for my favorite pottery, another for my favorite artists, and one for my favorite crafts artists.

It began with my student and I taking photos of our different perspectives.

Sitll Life Setup

Set Up View for NilOak Blue Pitcher

Photo of NilOak Pitcher Point of View Reference

Photo of NilOak Pitcher
Point of View Reference


I started out with a sketch using Inktense pencils.  I so love them.  However, I let my student draw with the blue I would have used and the one I picked up had some green in it.  I learned today that I need to buy a good gray one.   Put that on my Dick Blick list!

Blue Pitcher Sketch

Blue Pitcher Sketch
Inktense Pencil

Thought I was doing pretty good but something was really off with the spout.  It has a pretty good triangle shape from the top.

Blue Pitcher 4

Something is a little off.
NilOak Blue Pitcher

Blue Pitcher 3

Something is a little off.
NilOak Blue Pitcher

I didn’t like the handle so painted over it to begin again.

Blue Pitcher 5

Let’s Fix the Handle
NilOak Blue Pitcher

Blue Pitcher 6

NilOak Blue Pitcher

This is where I called it quits for the day. It still needs more work but I am pretty happy with it. I do wish I had painted it a little smaller but it is inside a good border of negative space – Yea!


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I am a prophetic artist discovering more of God's Grace through the creation of my art. Encouraging and coaching others in developing their own creativity inspires me. Join me in this journey!
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