Sep 2014: 30 Day Challenge: Days 1 and 2

New Year’s Day we traveled home from Virginia to Texas.  I did work a little on the plane but that painting/drawing is not ready to post.  I did not have the chance to sign up for the challenge so I hope I can post these today.

Day 1 is a painting I did as a Christmas present for my granddaughter Emily.  I imagine you can guess what sport she plays.

Volleyball Painting

Ode for Emily
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A crazy quilt of a painting

Hope, Joy, and Peace
Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
36″ x 24″

Prints Available

Day 2 is a painting I began during worship at Emmanuel Fellowship Church. It began with a pink gessoed background and words like “sin”, “crushed dreams”, “divorce”, written on it. As worship began, I applied a wet glaze over the words and they dripped over the canvas. I then started covering the canvas with tissue paper and acrylic skins. I had a crazy quilt in mind because of the way my life has been. I also recently read about the history of crazy quilts. The quilts began with women using leftover scraps from other quilts. It evolved into elaborate designs where in some you could not even see the fabric through the embroidery. Something beautiful made of something discarded.


About suzanhugheskennedyart

I am a prophetic artist discovering more of God's Grace through the creation of my art. Encouraging and coaching others in developing their own creativity inspires me. Join me in this journey!
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