Pro-Photo Techniques DVD #1 Review

I just finished watching this video.  I would like to see it again but alas, I must get it back to Netflix.  This video was produced in New Zealand and you can tell it by their accents as they talk.  This only adds to the charm of the material for me.  Now on to my review.

This informative instructional video was produced in the 1980’s and the photographers are using 35mm film.  I wish I had viewed this video back when I was taking 35mm.  This wasn’t the most useful part of the instruction for me.  However, what I did find extremely useful was the photographer talking about using natural lighting and a polystyrene board to adjust the light.  She also talked about ratios in lighting the subject.  This will be very useful to me when I am taking photos and especially when I am taking them as references for my paintings.

Joy Henry is the photographer that is most featured in this video.  I enjoyed watching her discuss light as it fell across the angles of  a face, an arm, or a hand.  She also discusses the best way to show hands and fingers in a wedding portrait.  This information can easily translate to enhance your everyday photos.  She also discusses how to get the best light into the eyes of her subjects.  This is something I had not even thought much about.  I have struggled a little with it in painting and I am glad to add this info to my toolbox.

There is a well done section on cleaning your camera lens.  I have been a little scared to attempt this on my SLR camera and feel more confident now to tackle this overdue project.

Another section covers filters and I would like to play with this on my digital camera but the section was really designed for 35mm photographers in mind.

The last section is more historical in this day and age.  Since most of us know something about photo manipulation, you wouldn’t go to this section for information as it is very dated.  However, what I did find entertaining is to see where we have come from.  Imagine having to go to a video place to alter your images!

All in all, I recommend this video to beginner artists and photographers.  It has some excellent information in composition and lighting.  If you are a Netflix subscriber, all you have to do is to add it to your que.

Following are descriptions I copied from SmartFlix and Netflix with links so you can order the entire series if you would like.

Pro-Photo Techniques: Disc 1

This following description is from

Wedding Photography – Part 1: A complete study video of wedding photography. Wedding Photography – Part 2: The emphasis is on simplicity and working quickly to produce a series of exceptional wedding portraits that will not fail to sell. Problem Portraits: Learn how we can manipulate lighting, posing and clothing to present your subjects in the best possible light.


Pro-Photo Techniques (from Netflix)

2005NR6 discsShutterbugs rejoice! You’ll learn to take great pictures — just like the professionals — with these six informative guides covering the techniques and artistry of photography. Detailed demonstrations include the fundamentals of photographing weddings and children; how to manipulate lighting; how to pose and clothe your subjects to present them in the best light; and painting imaginative portrait backdrops.

Special Interest, Photography

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