Soft Gel Gloss

Remember Me

Remember Me
Multi-Media on Canvas Board

My favorite medium to use when gluing papers onto a substrate is Golden’s Soft Gel Gloss. It also comes in matte. Liquitex makes a soft gel medium but I have not tried it. This piece was done using torn scrapbook papers and this gel. I applied the gel to the canvas board, applied the paper and then applied more gel on top of it.

I printed some words using the mirror image function on my computer. I applied the gel to the image and used a tool made for folding paper to rub the paper over the image. The tackiness of the gel helped pull the ink from the paper. This is how the black words were formed onto the image. The word “Thanks” is an exception, it is formed with the use of stickers. The “remember me” is actually rub on stickers on an isolation coat of gel. I applied many coats of washes and glazes over the paper, rubbings and stickers.

Background Info on “Remember Me”

Pastor Eric von Atzigen at Emmanuel Fellowship Church in Sweetwater did a sermon series on Nehemiah. As I was preparing for my time to paint, I just read the entire book of Nehemiah. I was amazed at how the Israelites came together in families to build the wall. Then, their entire nation came together repenting of their sins and renewing their covenant with God. Words of the covenant churned in my heart. They are so relevant for today. I believe we could use this at any time in our life, any season in our Christian faith, and especially now in our country.

The wall is made up of different torn bits of scrapbook paper to represent the families working on different sections of the wall. The words are from the covenant the Israelites made with God when the wall was finished and from my reading of Nehemiah. Iridescent washes were used over the entire image as well as some darker glazes.

The image looks very different when you view it from across the room. You can only see its architectural quality and you can see a cross in the middle. You can only see the words as you get closer to the painting.


About suzanhugheskennedyart

I am a prophetic artist discovering more of God's Grace through the creation of my art. Encouraging and coaching others in developing their own creativity inspires me. Join me in this journey!
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