Ratios: What You Really Need To Know

Confused – So was I even after teaching art for 20++ years —

Sometimes I will plan a painting and when I start it evolves into what it becomes not always looking like my plan. I do like to paint from my photos or would like to paint more realistically at times. I have used the grid system and taught my students to use it for years and it works quite well. I also have used a projector which works well for anything small to large.

Yesterday, I was looking up ratios again because digital cameras have a different ratio than a 4×6 print. Math is not my thing generally so off to Google I went. I found some very interesting facts about canvas sizes, frames, digital ratios which I will share below. However, the most interesting fact was presented by Marge Kinney on YouTube. Her teaching video showed how to use your picture visually to get the right ratio for the canvas you want to use. This technique would work for drawing and watercolor also. It is found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBPeF2C8kcI and is called Marge Kinney ART: HowToFit a Photo to Canvas Ratio.

An article by Duchess Trading shows another method to find a ratio. I used this mathematical method to downsize a canvas proportion to my sketchbook for planning a painting. This site is found at http://duchesstrading.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorial-how-to-grid-your-canvas-ratio.html. I will attempt to put these two sites on the links for easy access.

On another note, if there is anyone following me, I would like to change the color of the text on my sidebar categories and have been unable to do so. I would love a tip on how to accomplish this.


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